Hello world!

Welcome! I am thrilled to share my new web sight with you all. As most of you know I have a love for color and a passion for design. Every object, color, and texture we introduce into our home is an expression of who we are. I believe that you don’t need a large amount of money to improve your home. A little inspiration and imagination can stretch any budget. Please, feel free to come back as often as you wish and share the love of your home with me!



81 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Congrats on the new site, Danielle! I’ve been a huge fan of yours and am thrilled that I can now bookmark your site and keep up with all that you’re up to.

    I also just got permission from my landlord to paint the interior of my apartment (good-bye white walls), so am actively seeking inspiration and advise, so I will definately be visiting here often!

  2. Danielle says:

    Thank you Carie for you kind words.

  3. Melissa Schwarz says:

    I need help!!!!!!!! Come to Florida PLEASE!!!!!!!!! The east cost needs you!!!!!!

  4. Ron & Kim Warwick says:

    Fabulous web site. Wish you would come to England with your expertise!!!!!! Congratulations and Good luck

  5. AtOneWithHim says:

    Oh thank God…. you are the expert I have been waiting for. I love you on Color Splash (&DB too) I love what you do with paint. Can’t what to see what comes.

    Congratulations Danielle.

  6. iphoenix says:

    Congrats Danielle! Wishing you success in all your future endeavors. I will miss seeing you (and Ian and Claire!) in new episodes of Color Splash. There are 3 replacements who have mighty, mighty big shoes to fill, and if they don’t, well…. How are you guys doing, and can fans expect to see you and the others on other shows? Luv ya!

  7. Jerry Bowman says:

    Hey Danielle! I am a big fan – loved seeing you on Color Splash – great new web site – best always!

  8. Bird says:

    I just sent you a postcard on your site….can you fly here today…I need to choose colors for my house today…painter is coming Monday!!! HELLP!!!!

  9. Father says:

    Very posh indeed! Yet I would not expect anything less from my daughter! Congratulations, I know you will be a complete success in your endeavours = Dad.

  10. Roberta says:

    Hello Danielle!
    Love your website and have bookmarked as one of the sites I read over coffee in the morning or perhaps winding down at nite. Why is it HGTV hasn’t given you your won show yet? Anyways, already follow you on twitter but will check on your website often.

  11. Tino says:


    I love your artistic touch and ideas and the fact that you are breathtakingly beautiful makes me keep coming back for more! I am a Soldier (U.S. Army) and I can’t wait to finally purchase my own home and start using your ideas. Thanks!

  12. ML says:

    hey Danielle,

    Love you on Colorsplash, you are my favorite part, no offense David:). I’m a decorative painter and you are one of the few on TV, usually when people hear faux finishing they think of “sponging”, lol. I wonder if you have done any Jaddecor? It’s a really cool wall treatment. Good luck, love the website:)

  13. Mike Copler says:

    I hope HGTV gets you your own show soon. You do so many amazing things with paint, building and color. Things we can afford to do today in the currant economy.

  14. Shannel says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Congrats on this awesome website!!

    I am so glad I googled your name today and stumbled upon your blog. I love hearing all your painting tips on Color Splash — which I watch on my lunch hour– and I am looking forward to following your blog. You have inspired me on the show in showing me how paint projects can change a home and how they are not impossible. I was so inspired that I convinced my husband to work with me on repainting our dining room furniture.

    I have a question for you, and I hope it’s ok to ask on here… my husband and I striped down our 1980s hand-me-down oak dining room furniture last year, primed it and painted it all black. We used egg-shell finish, 100% Acrylic Latex paint… I don’t think this was the best choice, and am wondering if there is anything I can paint on top to make it more durable and better looking?

  15. Walter says:

    Hi Daniele I Love your New Site
    I have a Question
    I Painted Over the Trim and Vanity in my Hallway Bath It was Stained
    and I did not do any Prep I Just painted over it
    IS it Posibile to remove the paint with having to Restain ?

  16. Danielle says:

    I’m a little unsure what you are trying to achieve? Do you want the wood to be bought back to it’s natural state? If this is the case you will have to stain it, but first you’ll have to strip all the paint off, non-toxic products are available at your local paint store, and sand. Another angle is use gel stain an create a wood look. There is an example of this on the video portion of my web site. I demonstrated how to update your kitchen cabinets on the Lisa Quinn’s Show. Good Luck.

  17. Walter says:

    Thanks Danielle!
    I was Afraid that I was going to have to Restain.
    The Video that you have Posted is Very Good.

    Best Regards Walter.

  18. Kate Kaiser says:

    I absolutely love what you do with paint. You are so amazing. I am a newbie at color and decorating. We don’t have much money for screw ups so I think I make my husband nervous. I painted our kitchen cabinets white and they turned out okay. This house was built in 1972 so there was carpet throughout. We did tear out the carpet in the kitchen and put down laminate wood flooring. It looks good. But we still have that shut in smell from the rest of the carpets. If you are looking for a simple little project (I know you are very busy) you could come to Minnesota and give us your input and help on what to do with the rest of it. We have a simple ramble style home. I like it but it is so plain Jane.
    Love your work.

  19. Shay says:

    I hope you continue this blog….waiting…..

  20. Danielle says:

    Yes! I have had some issues with the blog. They are all fixed now and I hope to resume soon.

  21. Shannel says:

    Woohoo! Looking forward to this blog!! 🙂

    I saw the RestoreMyDecor.com website — how cool! I know that site is specific to interior rooms. Any way to get your input on exterior paint color for our home?

  22. Danielle says:

    Sure. Upload some pictures. Lets take a look!

  23. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

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  25. Josue Kynard says:

    I value the blog.Much thanks again. Great.

  26. Sena Arisumi says:

    Wow. Great post. I thank you for all of your work.

  27. Hi,Terrific blog dude! i’m Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Do you considered putting video to your blog posts to keep the readers more enjoyed?I think it works.Kind regards, Bettye Canevazzi

  28. I will twitter this topic last week Even though you posted it. I will mention your post.

  29. Howdy there,just identified your Blog when i google something and wonder what webhosting do you use for your wordpress,the speed is more faster than my wordpress, i really need to know it.will back to check it out,thanks!

  30. Extremely well carried out indeed.

  31. Elvis McCoy says:

    Pretty nice article. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  32. Maria says:

    I was a great admirer of you in Color Splash, also loved Ian, and of course David. I just finished watching Color Splash Miami, and all I can say is..I miss you guys. the new crew…well..I hope they get better, one of the girls if totally annoying.
    Good luck in your new endeavors, I will follow your blog faithfully.

  33. Lisa says:

    Was surprised to see that you are no longer working on Color Splash. Will we be seeing you on a new program soon?

  34. iphoenix says:

    Danielle, will you tell us when David or HGTV calls you to return to Color Splash, because the new painter in Miami needs to throw away his brushes!? What a f*#@ up! Everyone I know who watched CS in SF and who watched the new Miami show said the same thing,”Danielle would have nailed it the first time and been on to something else.” I really miss you guys (Ian and Claire too). Things change, I know, but not figuring out how to keep you all on the show was a huge mistake! Reading the review blogs shows fans are not happy with the changes and many will not be following the new show, myself included. Hope you all get your own show(s).

  35. AZGram says:

    I really hope you get your own show! Miss you on Color Splash!

  36. Joy Chiavacci says:

    I saw the “new” Colorsplash last night for the first time. OMG!! What a major disappointment. My heart just sank. Here is someone who watches the re-runs of the original shows over and over…such great, usable tips. I totally concur with “ipheonix”. I certainly won’t be missing any ZZZZ’s to stay awake late anymore to see the new show. Too high rent for me!! Glad to know that I can still access great ideas from you, Danielle. Good luck in the future. I’ll really miss the old crew.

  37. patsi says:

    I miss seeing you and Ian on Color Splash Miami. These newbe’s have really big shoes to fill. So far no personality with them. Hope to see you and maybe Ian on a show together.

  38. Danielle says:

    I don’t even know what thy means. I guess I’m no help. Sorry.

  39. espy25 says:

    Miss you so much on Color Splash. It’s just not the same without the A-Team! Really happy to have found your site. Thanks for sticking with you multitude of fans.

  40. Pebbles98 says:


    I was very disappointed when I tuned into the new ColorSplash and found that you, Ian and Claire were gone. I thought the four of you (with David) made a spectacular and enjoyable team. I still love what David does, but it isn’t the same without you, Ian and Claire. You all brought your own unique talents to the show and together with David’s design and vision, made some really terrific rooms come to life. I would love to see you on another show. I can certainly understand why David would want to return to Miami, but I wish they could have figured out a way to take everyone.

    In any event, hope to see you soon on a show.

  41. krkelle says:

    I remember how happy I was that David selected you to work with him when ColorSplash first started. It just won’t be the same, but I’m sure we’ll see you with your own show soon, on hgtv or elsewhere. BTW, you’ve been a terrific inspiration to my daughter Madison and me over the past few years as we worked on our house and her room, transitioning from high school to college. Glad we can still get info from you on this website!

  42. I Found your site on delicious today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later:)

  43. Virginia Davies says:

    I just watched the first episode of David’s new Colorsplash. I immediately noted they had the paint “for next week’s show” and had to order paint by 5 digit numbers (not mix it on the fly as you did). The show was OK and I hope that HGTV is still giving you whatever exposure you desire (based on your family situation). I have always been an amatuer artist in dozens of media including doing all my own interior painting (although I’m now in my 70s). I also just did my own first pair of 10th century leather shoes (shown on my Facebook-in my real name)- natural died silk embroidery thread and pearls on top of the vamps;-) You would not believe all the rooms I did in our many houses over the years and I hope you get to continue with all of your ideas-and I’d love to see them.

  44. Designfan says:

    I have been a huge fan since your “Remix” days, and even more so while you were on “Color Splash”. There were many times that I watched an episode of CS and turned to my husband and said “Danielle is my idol.” I enjoyed all of the hints you shared with us viewers, and think you are tremendously talented. I have good design sense myself, along with some education in it, and I have never been able to develop the painting ability and flair that you possess.
    I am tremendously disappointed with the new version of CS, and after two episodes will no longer be watching it. You were a huge part of the chemistry and overall appeal of the show. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I hope to see you on television again soon.

  45. Nancy Keay says:

    You are missed, Danielle. David is surely talented but you made the projects complete. You had a dimension that he doesn’t 🙁 I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog….keep the ideas coming!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  46. I found your blog on Bing , this is a cool blog , i will come back.

  47. Linda Maurer says:

    WOW!!….I’m a little behind. I didn’t realize the original “Color Splash” was taken off. How disappointing. I loved this show. I’ve seen the one in Miami and I don’t care for it. It’s not the same. I, too, would love to see Danielle get her own show. She is awesome to say the least. I am very disappointed in HGTV as well. What were they thinking!!

    Danielle, I love the area you live in. I’ve been to Muir Woods numerous times in the ’80 when we live out there in Fremont, a few miles down the road from there. I really miss it out there. Hope to go back one day.

    I wish you great success in you new endeavor!!


  48. Dee says:

    Danielle, You will certainly be missed on Color Splash, it’s certainly not the same without you and the rest of the gang. Wish you the best. (see that you are a rottie fan, too).

  49. Georgia says:

    We miss Danielle so much and Ian too. My husband and I will not be watching the new Color Splash in Miami. They have ruined the show for us. It just isn’t the same without Danielle and Ian.

  50. Susan says:

    Danielle, Loved you on Color Splash and I’m really sorry you didn’t go to Miami with David. His new painter doesn’t have your skills or personality. MISS YOU!