Restore My Decor

Here is the link for Restore my Decor live web Chat, tonight at 6 for you folks on the West coast and 9 for you East coasters.

I look forward to answering all your design questions.

2 Responses to “Restore My Decor”

  1. Becky says:

    I don’t know if you want your own show or not…but after watching you on the first show and then on Color Splash…you are not only a great painter but you can build and decorate also. Guess you aren’t going with David to Miami???

  2. Stacy says:

    Well I guess I’m with Becky! Where is your own show?? I know you probably didn’t want to leave your home and go to Miami, but David’s show is just not the same. The camaraderie between you all was so much fun! You and David played off one another well and he just doesn’t have that on this new show. So, I know you are NOT going to reply in anyway to anything about David and what that was all about, but could you tell us if you are getting your own show? Or who could we contact to tell them we want to see you in a show of your own! You are incredibly talented and I’d give a million to have you come to my home and do a room I’m completely bored with! I’ll be watching the webcam! Thanks!!!