England: Trip to Nunney

Rapeseed Field

View from the train on the way to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Nunney

Nunney Castle

My Aunt and Uncle's backyard with a view of the Nunney Castle

My MomSay Cheese

My Mom

My Mom, Uncle Ron and Aunty Kim with Wesley Chapel behind them dating back to 1812

Me in the Nunney Castle ruins

My sister Melissa, Mom and I

View of the church from Nunney Castle

What the Castle looked like in 1312

The Castle now

My Cousin Rebecca and Uncle Ron

Auntie Kim in front of her Castle Cottage

3 Responses to “England: Trip to Nunney”

  1. Marci says:

    Beautiful photos! I love all of the castle photos. The view from the train is awesome! Adorable dog, too 🙂 This is a great blog!

  2. Freakin nice blog .. looking forward to further posts.

  3. Barbara Bumgardner says:

    Hi! Great photos. I think I met your Aunt Kim while on a visit to Nunney with my husband in 2009. We were there only a few hours, but we met a lovely lady named Kim who was part Cherokee. We are from Oklahoma and we had a nice chat. We had ancestors who lived in the castle way back in the day. Wished we could have stayed longer. BUT my sister and I plan to return June 2013.
    Anyway, THANKS!