Hello world!

Welcome! I am thrilled to share my new web sight with you all. As most of you know I have a love for color and a passion for design. Every object, color, and texture we introduce into our home is an expression of who we are. I believe that you don’t need a large amount of money to improve your home. A little inspiration and imagination can stretch any budget. Please, feel free to come back as often as you wish and share the love of your home with me!



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  1. Shirley in Orlando says:

    Danielle, I soooo miss you!!! I loved seeing you on Color Splash with David. I loved your work, your a very inspiring woman. I really hope they give you a show of your own, because I would be your #1 fan. Color Splash IS NOT the same without you and Ian there. Miss you

  2. Uyen, 14 says:


    Color Splash had always been my favorite design show on HGTV. I was always inspired by all of the bold colors and amazing artwork, and most of all, making every room a statement. I WAS really excited when i saw the first commerical for Color Splash Miami i literally made a “:O” face. Then when i saw the episode i kept watching and waiting to see yours and Ian’s and Clare’s faces, but i never did 🙁 I was really disappointed and Color Splash just didnt feel the same. There wasn’t that ‘realness’ and that great friendship vibe that you, david, ian, and clare have. But dont get me wrong, i think the show is still very vibrant and making a statement; David is amazing. But everday, i turn on the tv at 2:30 and watch colorsplash and even though i watch the reruns, i still get that genuine feeling just like when i watched the very first episode of color splash ever. I hope your career continues because you are amazing with your painting techniques and your design skills. ‘d love to see you on tv again; i’d definately be at the tv to see the premiere episode 😀 I tried to do some designing at my own house. I removed the wallpaper from my half bath, and my dad and i are still debating on a paint color. Im a want-to-be designer and fantasize about becoming one day. Hopefully i can be as successful as you. Thanks for being a inspiration

    Your Youngest Fan, Uyen

  3. DogLover says:

    Hi Danielle –

    You are so talented and are so good at real, down-to-earth advice and ideas. I’ve loved watching shows you are on and I’m looking forward to keeping up with your website. Are you currently on any shows or do you have any in the works? My Tivo is ready and waiting. 🙂

  4. gayolin bailey says:

    Danielle –

    I MISS you and Ian on Color Splash. I don’t know what occurred that you left the show, but it certainly is not as good without you. In addition to the expertise you brought to the screen, you were comfortable to watch. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a compliment, but putting an audience at ease is an important aspect of public presentation. I hope you reunite. But if that is out of the question, I hope to see you on another show. Perhaps your own. gdb

  5. June Albert says:

    Danielle, We miss you and Ian so much and also Clare. You were a such a great TEAM and you worked together so easily with David. Your painting techniques were fantastic. Ian was able to accomplish such fantastic things no matter what David asked for. We love David and will continue to watch Color Splash Miami but it is not the same without all of you. I hope you and Ian will each continue to do well in whatever endeavor you choose. I still can’t understand why David does not have a complete team on his new show as it would make for a more cohesive presentation. It was like waiting eagerly every week to see the Color Splash Family. I must say that David is THE BEST Design Star Ever!

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    David is the best Design Star ever but the Miami show is not the same without you, Ian and Claire. You were a super TEAM who could accomplish anything. We miss you terribly.

  7. Dianne says:

    Are you going to be on another show, I so miss you and David together. His show is not the same without the old crew, hope to see y’all back together soon and travel around the country and get out of CA

  8. Holly says:

    I agree with the other posts on this page. I LOVED the original Color Splash, particularly your awesome paint tips and warm personality. The new Color Splash Miami is not the same and the new group doesn’t have the same talent or charm at all!! I wish you the best of luck and hope that you have your own show soon so we can continue to learn from your amazing work!!

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  10. Home says:

    thanks for help! I will try.

  11. Kitchen says:

    A friend referred me to your blog, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far! Thank you for the interesting posts!

  12. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

  13. Lisa in Mobile says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I really miss you on Color Splash. I just know that you and the rest of the old crew are doing very well. I hope to see you on TV again. You are very talented and inspiring.

    Thank God for reruns, i guess.
    I have to get use to this new crew. :-]

  14. Marci Snee says:

    Danielle, I was shocked to watch the new Miami show and all the old crew were gone!!!! I am heart broken. You are my hero. I always tell people that I want to be you when I grow up. You are a creative, talented, warm and wonderful person and I soooo miss you, Ian and Clare on CS. David just isn’t the same either in this new format. Hate to say it, but I watched two episodes and will not continue to watch. It’s just boring and has nothing of interest to me. That’s sad because it was my whole family’s favorite show on HGTV. Maybe they’ll realize their mistake. I love you and your work. Keeping fingers crosed for your OWN show which you highly deserve. When you get it, please hire Ian.

  15. Jackie in L.A. says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Ditto what everyone said. I have a question I hope you can answer. I recently salvaged a wrought iron “window guard” from the 1940’s. I stripped the vast majority of paint off it, and just paid to have it straightened so I can hang it as an architectural piece in my living room. My question — Do you think I should put a glaze on it? I remember sometimes you did that when you wanted something particular to stand out. I don’t know if this is a question-and-answer blog or not, but thought I’d put it out there. Hope you’re doing very well. there’s a HUGE void on HGTV where you once were.


  16. norma march says:

    I wonder if there is an address that someone could send you a sample for your
    opinion. I would really appreciate the input. Thanking you in advance.

  17. Bonnie says:

    Hi Danielle…
    I no longer tune in to Color Splash. It lacks any and all appeal with David’s new assistants, while with you, Ian and Claire, it was full of expertise and fun and interesting. The show now lacks cohesiveness, and David seems to have a bit of a ‘chip’, along with needing to give his loud irritating laugh a rest!

    Would love to see you appear on one of the many other HGTV programs! Your demeanor and the information you provided was the best part of Color Splash!

  18. Harland Dool says:

    I think it may be true one way or the other. I’m just not convinced it is.

  19. Gina Mack says:

    Great site to visit on a rainy day-Adult Entertainment

  20. kim says:

    I am very happy to have found your new work. I miss you and Ian on Colorsplash.
    You both are such talented professionals. I wish you both all of the best.

  21. melissa says:

    Is there any station you are on? Unlike my fellow bloggers, I just cannot watch the new Color Splash. Can understand David wanting to return to his hometown but the show, without you and the team, lost it’s heart. Plus I am a Midwest girl, born and bred in Chicago. The few times I watched CSM could not relate to the style reflected on the Miami scene and he doesn’t seem to vary the techniques as much.

    Well, good-luck with your new company. Hope that you are aware of how much we all enjoyed your good nature, talent and the professionalism you displayed on the show.
    Best regards

  22. Gail Cameron says:

    I was a big fan of Color Splash until the show was moved to Miami. I no longer wathch the show. It is just not the same without you and Ian. I hope HGTV finds another show for you and Ian.

  23. Lorna says:

    Danielle, I am Jamaican and live in Jamaica. I just love Color Splash, but I agree with everyone else it is just not the same withour you and Ian. The team work so well together, which is inspiration. Hope you see the crew again on tv. David is great but the Miami show is not the same without you both.

    All the very best to you and thanks for the great colour ideas.

    from Jamaica West Indies

  24. Danielle says:

    Thanks Lorna. I do miss the team.

  25. Lorna says:


    I, too, miss you and Ian, as well as Claire. I still love David, but the show is just not the same. Any chance that you all will be back???

    Luv & ((Hugz)),

  26. Lorna says:

    p.s. Do you like the new show with the new crew?

  27. Jim says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I know you’ve heard this a million times already, but you (and Ian and Claire) are sorely missed. I stopped watching Color Splash after learning you guys were off the show. The change was troublingly abrupt, and your replacements simply could not fill your shoes. You and Ian should come up with a show idea to pitch. You would have an instant following! There are so many of us who stopped watching Color Splash but would watch a show with you and Ian. Seriously!

    Anyway, painting question: I painted my bedroom a shade of hunter green because I like my bedroom to be dark and cave like (It is for sleeping, after all. Right?) Well, after 10 years, dust is stuck to it and it’s impossible to get it all off and not leave streaks, so I want to paint over it. What is the best way to cover up a saturated dark green wall? I’m thinking of going either a rich chocolate — kind of like the colors on your webpage! — or a deep, reddish, clay color.

    Thanks for any suggestions you might make, and I hope to see you back on TV soon!


  28. Danielle says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments. I do miss my crew.

    Ok beck to your bedroom. Since you’re going from dark green to chocolate you don’t have to prime. Just make sure the walls are dust free and paint. I recommend using eggshell finish so you can wash them without streaking.

    Good luck

  29. Katy Whitmire says:

    Danielle, Color Splash isn’t the same. You made the show sparked especially with your smile. Your work is amazing. I thought you, David, Ian, and Claire worked so well together. Your designs as a team worked so amazingly. I wish you well. Hope to see you with your own show.