Inspiration for Life

I have been running for a long time; with 2 kids and a career in television it seems as though I have been running around forever. I used to be on air talent for HGTV, showing the world how to design and get creative with their interiors. During my 10 years in television I never stopped exercising and taking care of my body. Last summer one of my girlfriends and I challenged each other. I agreed to take a yoga class with her if she would run with me. The last yoga class I took wasn’t for me, all I could think about were the things I needed to do after I got out of there. It was so slow and boring and I thought all yoga was like this. I reluctantly sucked it up and went with her. I was surprised, this class wasn’t like any kind of yoga I’ve ever done. The room was hot, 95 degrees hot! It was fast passed and challenging with balancing poses and inversions, OMG I was hooked. After my show ended it came so naturally what to do next in my life. I wanted to get deeper and redesign for the well-being. So now in addition to being a designer and color expert, I am now a certified yoga instructor and on the path to becoming a nutritionist. I love how intertwined design, beauty, travel, exercise and food are, it’s life. The tagline on my website reads “inspiration for interiors”, it will read “inspiration for life”. I’m devoting this website to design and well-being walking hand in hand. After all, a house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. Let’s inspire each other.

Here are a few people and things that inspire me…..

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