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Produce most & least contaminated by pesticides

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Buying organic produce means, as most of you know, that there are no pesticides and chemical fertilizers used to grow the produce.  This means that there is no pesticide residue found on the produce that we consume into our bodies.  I know that buying organic can be expensive.  Trust me!  I’m a single girl on a budget.  So, when you need to prioritize your organic produce, here’s a list of the most contaminated and least contaminated produce.



   ▪ Apples

   ▪ Celery

   ▪ Sweet bell peppers

   ▪ Peaches

   ▪ Strawberries

   ▪ Nectarines-imported

   ▪ Grapes (Imported)

   ▪ Spinach

   ▪ Lettuce

   ▪ Cucumbers

   ▪ Blueberries-domestic

         ▪ Potato


Benefits and uses of onions

▪ Onions

▪ Sweet Corn (Frozen)

▪ Pineapples

▪ Avocado

▪ Cabbage

▪ Sweet Peas (Frozen)

▪ Asparagus

▪ Mango

▪ Eggplant

▪ Kiwi Fruit

   ▪ Cantaloupe

   ▪ Sweet potato

   ▪ Grapefruit

   ▪ Watermelon

   ▪ Papaya



OMV (Oh My Vitamix)

Monday, January 21st, 2013


Well, it’s like my god. I cant believe I have waited this long to warship it. I was at the Yoga Journal conference yesterday and next to taking Kathryn Budig’s class (she is such a rock star), the Vitamix demonstration was my next favorite workshop. I was holding off on buying one because I have a perfectly fine working blender at home. I mentioned this to the Vitamix guy, as he was preparing a green smoothie for me, and he replied, “It could be 10 years before your blender dies and then you have missed out on 10 years of preparing amazing foods”. OK, I know it’s his job to sell me a blender but he was so right. I blend green drinks nearly every day and this machine was like the tesla of blenders. So quick, light and easy to maneuver . While I was finishing my amazing green drink he blended me up some me hot raw soup, wow! So delicious! From hot soups to frozen deserts, I was convinced this machine could blend just about anything. So I slapped my 450 beans on the counter and walked out with a miracle.

My first concoction. Almond milk for my Quinoa Hot cereal


Almond Milk (more…)