Tree House

Tree House Foundation

At the moment I have quite a few projects on my plate but to my children the most important one is a tree house. My Great friend, Bob Garrow, has implemented some creative ideas on the construction. It goes without saying that it was a necessity for the tree house to be safe but  we also didn’t want to harm the trees. After doing extensive research we discovered that piercing the tree would be kindest to the tree, kinda like an ear piercing. Bob attached a large turnbuckle to the bolt and then a heavy duty L bracket to the turnbuckle so that the foundation of the tree house sits on the L bracket. There are many great things about this system, one being when the trees move so will the house, like a bridge does. Another is if one tree grows at a different pace the buckle can be adjusted to keep the house level.


This is just the start of my children’s dream house. I will post more photos as we progress.


In researching tree houses I came across these on the web.

This is a treehouse in Maui that my husband and I spent 3 days of our honeymoon in. That was enough, I needed the Grand Wailea.

My Favorite The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant.

Swedens' Treehouse Hotel. The Cabin was designed by Cyrén & Cyrén and is a prefabricated unit located on a steep site and accessed via a footbridge.

Cabin layout

Cabin interior

Treehouse Hotel: The Invisible

The Invisible: Interior

Treehouse hotel: The Nest

The spherical tree house hotel on Vancouver Island


2 Responses to “Tree House”

  1. Jenny says:

    What a great mom! Very excited to see the finished product. I see you posted the invisible tree house. I guess they had to put a special film over the windows in order to prevent bird casualties. You should post progress photos!

  2. Gracias estaba buscando info de estos temas!